Friday, November 04, 2005

Woah! Woah! Woah! - Part Two - Interrupted

I gleefully interrupt the scheduled post of Woah! Woah! Woah! Part Two to bring you the following, late-breaking news. This aint surprising, but boy-howdy is it funny:

Abramoff-Scanlon School of Sleaze -
Wednesday's Senate hearings yielded more scandalous revelations about how the dynamic lobbying duo bilked American Indian tribes out of millions and used the money to win elections for their Republican clients.
(Link is to today's article.)

In regard to the ongoing Washington crooked lobbyist / GOP investigation, a memo has been leaked. It's basically a behind-the-scenes strategic communication regarding get-out-the-vote drives and fundraising. On the surface that doesn't seem like anything to get in a tizzy about, but, it's who they're attempting to reach (their Conservative Christian base) and how these people are referred to when they're not around that is raising eyebrows.

Of course we all know damn well that the GOP and right wing shitheads cozy up to the religious types with all their talk of values and morality only to shake votes from the tree. In fact, if the current administration's track record is any indicator, the right wing is functionally devoid of morals. As one scandal after another mounts, it remains to be seen how far the GOP's pro-family, Compassionate Christian, lib-ruhl hatin' supporters will follow them. I imagine it'll take some time before the shitstink of lies can get washed off; before the impacted manure gets scraped outta their ears; before their eyes can adjust from the black-or-white-ness of the with-us-or-against-us mindset; before the right wing mind fuck begins to ring hollow and the less impressionable, less scared, less stupid among them begin to wake up.

Perhaps this will help:

As one DailyKos reader commented, "I've started reading through the rest of the emails in that 300+ page document dump. The contempt for the wacko constituency is palpable throughout. They are literally converting these fools into cash: charging $5K plus for church rallies; purchasing member lists from the Christian Coalition and charging clients up the wazoo for this 'service.'"

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