Sunday, November 27, 2005


I got paid for the two-day glutton fest that is Thanksgiving. Hallelujah. Apparently, there is a God and while he only pays a few bucks over than minimum wage and won't hire me full time so I can get healthcare, he does bring in Cheap Trick on a Tuesday afternoon and throw me a paid holiday bone. Thanks, Pappi.
Anyway, Thanksgiving props to Justin and Christine and Jill and Dave for hosting and cooking. And to Sarah and everyone else who contributed to the cause. Whatta a blast. Jill had the inspired idea to set up holiday-themed photo areas along with costumes. Of course, it quickly got goofy. Again, whatta blast.

(Santa and the Mrs.)

(The Virgin Sarry)

(The Faithful: Christine and Kelly)

(Guantanamo Justin)

(In front of one of Jill's rad paintings)

(Joanna and a lamp)

(Baby Woody Allen)


(Unwise Man)


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Holy shit. You guys are too much...