Friday, November 18, 2005

Today's Political Rant

The bit below was clipped part and parcel from It covers the Bush team’s recent “fight-back” strategy. The story, presented linearly, is, first, a WaPo news story regarding the administration’s new offensive, then, a NYT editorial practically condemning Bush in regard to this, and finally, the White House’s wild response to that editorial in the form of a scattershot press release.

What I find interesting is the White House’s counter attack press release. To defend themselves, they basically point to news stories, many of which were based on cooked “evidence” and “facts” previously released through the White House itself in press releases, speeches, conferences, and, of course, leaks. They prop up their defense on these articles despite ongoing revelations illuminating the “facts” of these stories to be the product of the worst kind of political exaggeration, wishful thinking and outright fabrication.

In other words, the White House is holding up their own media filtered bullshit as proof of not only their own veracity but, by the nature of their careful wording, their own righteousness. Incredible! Thankfully, the public and (finally) the media seem to be through buying White House spin. Not a minute too soon, I might add.
Via Cursor:
As 'Iraq Critics Meet Familiar Reply,' the White House issued a six-page rebuttal to a 900 word editorial it described as coming "from the newspaper that gave us Jayson Blair."

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