Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Speaking of Costello...

Speaking of Costello, he’s had his first novel published!

Chicago upstart publishing house Featherproof Press put out The Enchanters Vs. Sprawlburg Springs as their maiden title and our man Cos is currently giving a lot of face time in interviews, readings and such.

The Enchanters... is a superb short-length novel ostensibly about the burnout of a small-time punk band in a middle class suburban hellhole. But, really, there’s more to it than that. As we follow the raucous lives of the four members of The Enchanters and the couple dozen minor players, Cos expertly weaves a stirring punk rock philosophy lesson through the narrative. Ultimately, The Enchanters becomes a story about the flux of inspiration, creation and expression (and its sheer contagion) in the lives of kids who are smart enough to know that the best fun is the kind you make yourself.

Be sure and check out The Enchanters faux band page (the “live” photos are particularly brilliant).

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