Thursday, August 23, 2007

Paging Dr. Jung

An excellent read on The Mahablog dissects Bush's bizarre allusions to Vietnam in his recent speech. Historians freaked and the opposition howled, but it seems the Preznit is painting with strokes much broader than most of us have realized. Maha traces this allegorical rhetoric within the Right Wing back to WWII and the British response to the German threat. And even illuminates the terrain by recounting a Star Trek episode of all things.

Very, very interesting.

Read: The Power of (Right Wing) Myth.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Full Speed Ahead

Little posting on here as the summer days drain like sands through the hourglass. And there will be even less posting until about mid-September, cuz me and Mrs. Delano will be out of town to be officially wed (and subsequently party our pants off).

The wedding planning and work-related craziness has left me with little free time for blog posting. For that, I apologize and offer this tasty morsel that will have to tide you over until I get back to Chicago, tanned, rested and, yes, married.

Bush and Co. have finally been nabbed for attempting to turn the Federal Government into a subsidiary of the GOP. Not exactly news for those of us who've been paying attention, but it now seems some folk have dug up some pretty damning evidence. And to whom does the finger of blame for the most part point? Why the recently flown-the-coop Karl Rove, of course.

The Washington Post's take: