Wednesday, May 03, 2006

YouTube Wednesday

Everyone's on the YouTube bandwagon already, right? As a free, user-fed repository of all things video, it's a truly democratic version the of Video on Demand service pushed hard by every major cable TV outfit in America.

Of course there's talk about the legality of it all. For a free service, YouTube reportedly spends a great deal of time and moola cross-checking the legality of the videos posted. It's just that the combination of the sheer volume of submitted clips and the internet's somewhat murky legal terrain makes policing a distinctly inexact science. So, in many cases the management has simply opted to let "infringement-questionable" pieces stay loaded on the site until they're asked to remove them. This is part of what makes YouTube a wonderful site. It's also what could lead to future legal troubles given the contentious nature of "Free and Fair Use" in our modern world. Bottom line: enjoy YouTube while you can, cuz these days, there's blood in the water and there's always greed in the souls of men. **UPDATE: See this process in action!

I'd wanted to post links to music videos and live music from some of my favorite bands/artists, but I found a veritable treasure trove of wonderful Cocteau Twins material. So, I'll leave it at that for today. They're the kind of band I'm always finding different reasons for liking... or different things to like about. They've got this enduring greatness that, though it aint for everyone (oh, those endless arguments), inspires a swooning devotion in their fans. If you've never been able to get into them, perhaps it's time to reevaluate your opinion. Who knows, you may've just had to grow into them.



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