Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Eat Rocks, Shit Sand

Soul-crushingly busy day full of dull, dry number crunching. Anyone wanna make me a job offer? Maybe somewhere I can dust off that old English degree. Maybe get a little, god forbid, creative from time to time. Maybe get the hell away from credits, debits and Account Rec's. Got any leads? Anyone?

But as much as I hate this place, at least I've still got time for some linkage:

Why not check out a great article in the Austin Chronicle about the return of the great madman rock-and-roller, Roky Erickson. It's from December but hasn't been widely circulated apparently.

And speaking of rock and roll, someone's finally made a song-lyric database that's devoid of BHO's, spyware and re-directs. Meet LyricWiki.org.

Or perhaps chew on Michael Scherer's analysis of just what Stephen Colbert's little insurrection (see Sunday's post) means in the grand scheme of things.

How 'bout Rollie St. Bacon's take on "The Liberal Media" in Chicago?

And considering the great news for freedom loving people everywhere coming out Mexico today, just what are the folks at Epicurious getting at with today's Recipe of the Day?

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