Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Take Five

I'm out of town for some medical BS and whatnot. Sorry about the lack of posting. I'll try and put something together in the next few days.

A few things I've learned after 24hours in Orlando:

There's new buildings EVERYWHERE. I used to complain about how they just kept building out and creating massive urban (and suburban) sprawl. Well, now they've not only built out but they're knocking down the old to put in the new. I barely recognize this town now.

I think there's a Florida law that demands that Fox News be played at senior citizen volume in the waiting room of every doctor and specialist in the state. Hey docs, "Fox, Friends and Fascism In The Afternoon" doesn't exactly make for a relaxing wait.

While eating bar-b-que and digging the piped in K-92 Country FM I was feeling a little blue. Then, The Charlie Daniels Band came on the radio. "Devil in the House of the Risin' Sun" brought me back just fine.

Ben and Jerry's now makes a Black and Tan ice cream. It's apparently made with "stout cream." Holy crap.

While it's positively gorgeous in Chicago right now (about time, eh?), it's already 24/7 air conditioning season here. No punch line. Just oppressive.

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