Thursday, May 11, 2006

Looking For A Laugh

I need a laugh today. A bunch of laughs. Who couldn’t do without a laugh on a cold and rainy day like today, anyway? I mean, for fuck’s sake it’s halfway through May, you’d think Chicago came outta winter, hit March and just got stuck there. I suppose it could be worse. It could be snowing. (I’m told in all seriousness that it has indeed snowed here in May before—though no one can agree on exactly when.) But I’m ready for summer, dammit. I’m ready for bike rides and backyard bar-buh-ques. I’m ready for wearing shorts and getting a suntan. I’m ready to day goodbye to the Tamale man and hello to the Helado man. Sometimes in the midst of all the rocking out and the political teeth-gnashing on here, I forget about the funnier things ‘cross the internet. I hereby apologize.

If you’ve never checked out The Sneeze, do yourself a favor and wait no longer. The blog has had me chucklin’ for some time now. His ongoing experiment in the levels of human endurance, “Steve Don’t Eat It,” is a great place to start.

Joan Rivers is really never on my radar. Ever. But a friend sent me this clip of her on an Australian TV award show. You may notice she’s acting a little… uh, off.

The Reverend Rick Mackin publishes a zine and has released a book of his sarcastic and satirical correspondences to Corporate America. Picking up where the master, Lazlo Toth (Don Novello), left off he reverses the flow of absurd information we're bombarded with in our great consumer culture. His blog publishes some of the letters and other genuine Mackin insights.

Downstate Illinois auto mechanics rock and rollers, Cunt Puppet, make the perfect rock and roll to bring to your next NOW meeting. Well, not really... then again, maybe. Their crass, southern-fried, perpetually pubescent rock and roll may or may not be an act but it’s certainly a whole lot of fun. If only the oversexed, mullet wearing, NASCAR fans of my youth were as brilliant as these guys. And don’t forget to take some time and read the song lyrics… you just might learn a thing or two about picking up women.

And of course, Gainesvillian, Patrick Hughes continues to keep ‘em in stitches with tales about the less-than-high points of his youth over at Bad News Hughes.

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