Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Back Scratchers Anonymous

It’s hard to escape the scum in Washington. The round-n-round, federal-corporate circle jerk is the cavity in the tooth, the turd in the punch bowl, the hitch in the giddyup. It’s at once responsible for the rise of America as an international superpower and at the same time responsible for the decay and betrayal of the very tenets of that same America.

The rise of the military-industrial complex coming out of WWII was and still is the ultimate betrayal of the hopes and dreams of this country’s founding fathers. Big Money’s corrosive effects on Democracy is painfully evident now more so than ever. There’s a million people who can lay it out better than I right now, so I’ll just point in a few directions.

The shadowy Carlyle Group is the subject of a Danish documentary shown free here. (Note: it starts in Dutch for the first couple minutes, then remains in English until the very end.)

The documentary, Why We Fight, covers similar ground, but from a more historical perspective. Watch it here.

And an interesting new take on this old sell-out is big news these days. You’ve heard the buzz about all the illegal wiretapping going on in the good ol’ land of the free these days, right? Well perhaps you didn’t know that it’s not exactly the government who’s keeping track of your aural comings and goings. Apparently, much of the dirty work has been outsourced to the private sector. Wonderful.

So, they can whip up a war and send us out to die, they can pervert the nature of our Free Enterprise economy and grow fabulously wealthy off our tax dollars, and now they can practically watch us live our daily lives. God Bless America, allright.

UPDATE: And how could I have forgotten the reacharound AT&T has been giving to peeping Uncle Sam as has recently been discovered?

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