Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Protesting Too Much

“Accuse your enemy of your own worst crimes.”

It’s a line from a brief missive called something like, “The Seven Strategies of a Hung Society.” A friend had it taped to a wall in his college apartment. I don’t know who wrote it or, really, even how accurate it is. I’ve Googled it to death and still get nowhere. But it’s a statement that’s stuck with me for whatever reason.

With all the talk coming from the GOP ranks in the last couple weeks about defeating “Islamic Fascism” the line has been especially stuck in my craw lately. Yea, it’s a blatant attempt at re-branding the “enemy,” but injecting a new buzzword into the American psyche takes the kind of finesse you see in multi-million dollar advertising campaigns or, say, a Karl Rove real politik blitz back in his good old days.

But for Rove, Bush, Rummy and the crew, the good ol’ days are long gone. The glass house they built on the graves of the 9/11 dead and furnished with the fear and fury stoked from a malleable American public has been shattered, likely beyond repair. So in increasing fits of desperation, these agents of the elite continue to toe the party line, presumably until it will be pried from their cold, dead hands. Like captains going down with their ships, they see themselves as the noble stewards of a federal (hell, global) ideology thwarted by any number of conspiring forces… blind always to the towering hubris and foolhardy arrogance that set them on their ultimately fatal course.

Manic propaganda and stage-managed catastrophes are the surest signs that the neocon ship is sinking. And as the water rises and the desperation mounts, captains and rats alike will turn to increasingly transparent tricks and tactics in their attempts to gain some kinda ground, a last gulp of air before the black, icy water pours in around them, up their noses, down their throats, sinking them into history’s abyss.

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