Friday, August 04, 2006

Israel Takes A Page From Bush's Playbook

The Existentialist Cowboy's got a rundown of what's shaping up to be a scandal of historical porportions. From his article:

Big brother media got it wrong again! Almost universally ignored is the mounting evidence that the two Israeli soldiers were not kidnapped; they were captured inside Lebanon. [See Forbes: Israeli soldiers were captured —not "kidnapped"]
The implications are enormous. If true, then Israel is guilty of aggression —a war crime! Moreover, Israel lied! The war crime of "aggression" is in addition to crimes associated with Israel's deliberate targeting of civilians.

Concurrently the human rights group —Human Rights Watch —has accused Israel of war crimes in connection with what it calls "...indiscriminate attacks against civilians." The new report refutes Israeli claims that Hezbollah uses civilians as human shields and states flatly that the claims are false. Previously, Human Rights Watch addressed Hezbollah conduct and condemned attacks on civilian areas.

Read the rest: "Israeli soldiers were captured —not 'kidnapped'".

"But what about their motives," you say. Well, perhaps, It's about annexation, stupid!

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