Saturday, August 26, 2006

Congressional Election Nullified – Nobody Noticed

Been a busy work week here. That and the sun was in my eyes, the wind flared up, it's not in my job description, etc., etc....

Nonetheless, as our once-great Republic slips furthur into the abyss Americans of evry stripe smack the 'snooze' button and roll over for another fifteen minutes of z's. Thank God some New Zealanders are up early enough.

Congressional Election Nullified – Nobody Noticed
It appears the US media overlooked one of the great political stories of the year.

[...]On July 31, 2006, the Contestants filed an election contest, seeking a hand recount and to invalidate the election on several grounds, not only including the affirmative evidence of irregular results, but also including the stonewalling of citizen information requests and the pricing of recounts at an estimated $150,000 that made it difficult or impossible for any citizen to tell who won the election.

[...]Shortly after the last vote was cast, citizens discovered disturbing facts. Prior to Election Day, several poll workers had taken home voting machines for periods of a day to a week at a time without supervision or even consistent tracking procedures. Other irregularities like vote switching on touch screen machines emerged.

[...]So there you have it. Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the United House of Representatives, called “the peoples’ House,” now has the authority to nullify elections simply by swearing in candidates and claiming federal privilege based on one narrow section of the constitution, while completing ignoring the others, including the one stating that members of the House shall be elected every two years “by the People,” and not selected in Washington DC. Once again, the country is faced with a Bush v. Gore style selection manufactured in Washington DC, and if only the people did not know which party benefited and which party was hurt by the selection, the country would be unanimous in denouncing this power grab.

Read the entire article... if your blood pressure can take it.

(Via Crooks and Liars.)

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