Friday, August 11, 2006

Postcard From Gainesville

Thank the gods. Football season has begun. And not a moment too soon. My Boston Red Sox are falling apart and I'll be unable to stomach any more baseball if their latest stumble proves fatal to any postseason bid.

My three NFL teams (Pats, Bucs, Bears) are all looking questionable, but, as they say, at this point in the season everyone's a contender. And there's plenty more stories around the leaue to keep things interesting should my guys flounder. The rebuilt Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints and Arizona Cardinals will be fascinating to watch. And what about Manning v. Manning? TO in Dallas? And how many rebuilt, bionic QB's are on the comeback trail? Too much fun.

College ball is also gearing up and my Gators are pre-ranked eighth in the nation. While it was beyond exciting to watch coach Urban Meyer secure possibly the greatest recruiting class in UF history, the unhappy truth is that we'll have to wait till next year for that particular fruit to ripen. For the most part. There are, though, a few rookies who look to be 1st teamers and perhaps even difference makers. It's beginning to look a lot like fall.

Sports Illustrated's Luke Winn gives us a great look at the Gator preseason.

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