Friday, July 07, 2006

Phishing for Suspects an' Laughs

Wanted to post something about how in light of this new New York bomb plot thwarting and the puffy-chest, chicken strutting the Guv’s doing today, that we should all take time out from out busy, busy schedules to reflect. Yes. Reflect. Reflect all the way back to the last thwarted terrorist plot. All the way back to a couple weeks ago when the hapless crew from Miami was cold busted thinking about blowing up the Sears tower here in Chi-town. We should be reflecting on the fact that, as it turned out, the clowns involved in the “plot” were not only dumber than a bag of dog shit worn as a fashion accessory, but that these dopes were given the idea, the details and encouragement from the government informant who’d managed to “infiltrate” the group. The gang of evil masterminds apparently needed an extraordinary amount of goading to go from high-on-the-couch-at-2-AM, “man, you know what’d be a groovy idea,” to reluctantly agreeing to the spy’s demolition plan-- apparently only to get him to leave them alone.

And, yea, it appears they’d sworn some kinda oath to Bin Laden at some point. But after listening to their families and reading parts of their testimony, one is left with the feeling that the “oath” came with all the gravitas of a BFF handshake during the wee hours of a 7th grade sleepover.

So, I was gonna write a little bit about that, but I’m feelin’ a touch unpolitical today. So, instead, here’s a funny prank call from England. It’s via both the all-knowing, all-seeing Boing Boing and omniscient Digg, so of course, you’ve already had yr laugh at it. But just in case:

Some DJs played a trick on two Chinese restaurants. First they called one restaurant, placed an order, then called another restaurant and connected them to the first restaurant and asked the first restaurant to repeat the order to the second restaurant. The second restaurant thought the first restaurant was a customer placing an order.
Hear the call.

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