Wednesday, July 26, 2006

From The "No Real Surprise" Dept.

FOX News Deliberately Hides Fact That "Middle East Analyst" Is Apocalyptic Christian Preacher

From the Article:
Monday morning, July 24, 2006, in a blatant bit of "lying by omission", FOX & Friends host Mike Jerrick introduced End of Days Christian preacher and author Michael D. Evans as a "Middle East Analyst."

Evans is a rapture Christian who believes that, once Israel is at peace, the end of the world will come, at which time a very few chosen Christians (including himself and George Bush) will be wisked into heaven by Jesus while the rest of non-believing humanity will be cast into the fiery pit for all eternity.

While Mr. Evans is entitled to his quaint religious notions, FOX News was playing it fast and loose with the truth when it labeled him a "Middle East Analyst". "Right Wing Christian Lunatic" might have been a better choice.

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