Monday, January 09, 2006


Lost returns to TV this week after six weeks in limbo. I'm no TV junkie, but this show's got me by the short and curlys. After dinner, lights out with a bottle of wine and for 42 minutes of an hour, all seems right with the world.

In the spirit of all that:

* I've been lost in the world of coffee for the last two days. Burned coffee at two of my regular joints had me drinking tea in protest today. Tea. Hot tea. Not southern-style iced tea. Are my loafers getting lighter?

* DJ Leana on the great Boston radio station WZBC has yet to fall into her regular spring semester gig. These days, I am lost if I don't get my week started without that Monday afternoon dose of excellent music rotation interrupted occasionally by that coy, angelic voice. (Update - Apparently, she did her regular set earlier than normal today... Why didn't I get that memo?)

* This great nation's gonna be losing a whole lot if this Alito bum gets installed as the head of the Supreme Court. It only takes a few moments to cut through the spin and the posturing to see this shithead is a tool of our Right Wing corporate overlords. His judicial opinion history almost exclusively finds him siding with government and corporate powers to the detriment of the individual. If he gets passed, we're in for a Hell of a ride, folks.

* If it stays this gray and cold here in Chicago, I'm gonna get on a plane and get myself lost. Preferable somewhere sunny with tequila and loose women.

* If I keep putting off work to type unfunny, uninteresting shit like this, I just might lose my job.

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