Thursday, January 05, 2006

Back From Vacation

And looky here, a New Year's treat:
Abramoff is gonna squeal like the stuck pig he is. I can't wait to see who he brings down with him. Republican, Democrat, shady beltway insider, whoever. While you can bet the biggest of the fish will slip out of the net, it'll nevertheless be a hoot to see who does get snagged.

(Update) has plenty on this topic:

Reporting that "President Bush and senior Republican lawmakers moved on Wednesday to dump thousands of dollars in campaign donations from Jack Abramoff," the New York Times notes that Abramoff "changed his look" when he "appeared in federal court in Miami to enter two guilty pleas in a related fraud case."

As Newt Gingrich claims that Democrats are "much more tolerant of corruption" than Republicans, Hullabaloo's Digby finds the press "already buckling" under "tremendous pressure from the Republicans to report this as a bi-partisan scandal," and David Sirota urges Democrats to ponder the difference between 'Getting caught vs. coming clean.'

A lead that the Justice Department "doesn't want to follow" in the Abramoff investigation, involving the lobbyist's use of a "clearly-phony" non-profit, is said to "threaten the continued existence of the right-wing noise machine itself." Plus: The key to K Street.

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