Tuesday, January 17, 2006


The St. Augustine volcano up in Alaska that's been a smokin' and a thundrin' for the past few months has begun what should be a series of fairly big eruptions. Check out nature's violent, chaotic display at the Alaskan Volcano Observatory's site for all the technical jib-jab and the latest web-cam shots. See the archive of web-cam shots here. They end just about the time of the latest eruption. Once you click through a bunch and get them in yr browser's cache, you can go back and click through again real fast and get a good impression of the build-up... lots of ash rain and varied camera angles. While there's no lava yet, pics from the coming days should reveal a massive loss of rock up at the peak.

What's a good soundtrack for an eruption?
Slayer? Melvins? Earth? Barry White?

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