Monday, June 12, 2006

On Turd Eating and Tuna Tartar

Oh man… eating my tuna fish sandwich dinner tonight (the chef’s at her graduation party) and doing the ol’ station flip-flip-flip because the White Sox have pretty much run away with the only baseball game on TV. I get to the suite of cable news stations or “The Devil’s Alley” as it’s known around this household. Except for the station that’s always showing the screaming bald stock-picking guy, every single one is in the middle of a discussion of misanthropic psychopath Ann Coulter’s recent mocking of the 9/11 widows on the Today show. Every station. At the same time.

Of course we all know the sick-souled "journalist" uses this kind of outrage to whip up controversy around herself and thus pump sales for the packets of sustained hate that are her books. And of course the unofficial GOP propaganda unit, Fox News, was the only one who actually Coulter herself on. Shocking, I know.

But there was a sublime moment in all of it. GOP agent and all around human shitstain, David Horowitz was on Larry King playing the smirking Coulter apologist. I sat through a couple minutes of his turn in the roundtable "discussion." But I was quickly overcome and turned the station just before blood rocketed from my all orifices. I wound up a few clicks up on Fox News where human feltchstain Sean Hannity was, I kid you not, in the middle of THE EXACT SAME TALKING POINTS as Horowitz had been only 5 seconds earlier. I mean it was word for word. I clicked back and forth for the next minute or so and, goddamn, it was uncanny. It was like they were reading from the same script.... which, you know, in a lot of ways they probably were.

(This post totally unlinked for your own protection. Unless of course you want the dirt on this Horowitz chap. In which case may I turn your attention to this excellent article by Kurt Nimmo on Counterpunch, “The Delusions of David Horowitz,and Scoobie Davis’ ongoing smack-down site, HorowitzWatch.)

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