Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Answers, My Friend, Are Floating on the Wind

Anyone else smell that?

Quick, check the headlines ‘round the net and sniff again. Now smell anything? Thought so. That odious reek is the further decay of American democracy and it’s wafting from the very much alive carcass of one Karl Rove. The fully-restored Bush Administration and GOP hatchet man is back on his game after nearly going to prison (and temporarily losing his White House bestowed sensitive info access—thus the benching) for facilitating the undercover CIA agent name leak. The latest full-court press by the crooks in the administration, and their obedient enablers in the rank-and-file GOP, has the twisted, cynical fingerprints of evil-genius Karl Rove all over it.

It’s like the NOW – That’s What I Call Music of “conservative” hot-button political issues. All the greatest hits are out there on parade for all the dopes ‘n’ rubes who’ll still lap up anything bearing the official seal of the GOP on its cover… regardless of an expired shelf-life, debunked status or residence nowhere on planet Earth. All in an effort to whip up some support over a growing disenfranchisement within the fold.

You name it, they're in some phase of floating it. Lessee, whatta we got this week? What cockamamie bullshit’s getting floated up into the bought-and-paid-for mainstream press? What ultimately factless, flaccid “news item” is getting pumped full of hot air, bounced around in the echo chamber or repeated ad nauseum but sine causa? Hhhmmmm.

Well, there’s the freakout cause du jour, the attacking of the "Lib-ruhl Mee-dya." Specifically the stage-managed shit-fit at the New York Times for writing about a facet of intelligence gathering. The article looked into some particulars of the financial snooping done by the CIA in attempts to track “terrorist” dough. Nevermind that the broad facts of the operation were common knowledge from September 12th on. Or that the mid-level details were reported on extensively less than two years ago. Or that the fine points were, given the nature of the program’s previous disclosure, absolutely intuitive to all but the thickest, least imaginative terrorists (or Americans) out there. And for good measure, don’t pay any attention to the fact that the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal printed similar stories on the heels of the NYT non-bombshell.

33rd degree rhetorical blackbelt , Glenn Greenwald lays into the administration’s allegations with fists of fury. When he’s done and all the hot air’s been let out, the GOP hystericals are left toting around all that manufactured outrage on a set of flat, flat tires. Do yourself and those around you a favor and read The Bush Lynch Mob Against the Nation's Free Press. Also Alex Koppelman’s got a good spot on this as well over on The Huffington Report. (The HuffPo, by the way, seems to be under a troll attack today as the comment boards are swamped with contrarian PoV’s ranging from mildly cretinous to personally provocative. It’s got everyone wondering if there’s been another hiring boom in the Bush propaganda department or whether it’s a desperate new tactic from tubby, mom’s basement dwelling rightists—turning off the opposition’s readers by debasing message boards with inane, offensive and, most importantly, stoooopid blurts 'n bursts.)

Ok, ok, enough of that. What else is out there this week? Well, some selective reporting about how watching The Daily Show might make you dangerously apathetic… as long as you take the report out of context, that is. And, oh yes, there’s the perennial coal-stoking Flag Burning amendment that gets trotted out every few years by “conservatives” looking for some cheap props with their voting bloc. Once again it went nowhere. But don’t fret. All you hot-button types are in for a real treat seeing as this is an election year. In the view of which, this week's sanctimonious horseshit coming outta the White House and echoed by the GOP faithful in the government and on TV, is all pre-game warm-ups, muscle-stretching, wind-sprints, etc… The real shit will fly soon enough. And we’ll all be tits deep in it.

And then there’s… ahh funk it. I’m ‘bout outta gas for the day. The a/c broke in my modern Chicago skyscraper this morning and it’s been getting steadily muggier. Yick. I’ve had just about enough for today. You all get the drift anyway, right?

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