Friday, April 14, 2006

You All Everybody

Neil Young has apparently written and recorded a new album in a three day period last week and will have it on sale soon. That’s impressive. Perhaps even more impressive, the album appears to be entirely aimed at Bush and his administration. Titled Life In War, the titular song “Impeach the President” hints ever-so-subtly at what Young thinks about our fearless, witless leader. And, predictably, message-board trolls and “fair and balanced” media networks have already cast it as just another lefty shit-fit. They "reason" that, after all, the conservatives impeached Clinton for his lies and this is just a juvenile tit-for-tat. Always comes back to the vile Clinton with these 'tards misguided individuals when they’ve got no rational argument or talking point to fall back on. Well, just for the record (yea, I know it’s been said 10 million times and ignored over 9 million) but Clinton’s lie (the one they cite anyway) revolved around his own jism running down the dress of a fellatio-inclined employee while Despot Bush’s MANY lies (which Young and so many others cite) have revolved around and resulted in the blood of over two thousand Americans running down the gutters of a far-away land, where it mixes with the blood of countless innocents in some kinda spiritual-septic backup. All the while our coffers run dry, the rich get richer and the boot pushing down atop our heads squeezes tighter and tighter and tighter and…

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