Thursday, April 20, 2006

Outward Bound

After Tuesday’s post, that little trip down memory lane, I need to look outward for a bit. No pronouncements. No opinions. No directives. No invectives. Gotta turn it around here. If just for a day.


Chicago’s favorite Floridian transplant, Brian Costello Some kook called Rollie St. Bacon has just started a blog site entitled, The New England Journal Of My Ass. Expect peculiar observations, crass opinions and the occasional motivational speech. Check it out now so you can say you were digging it before the wheels even left the ground.

While I’m currently waging a battle to stay the hell away from video games (as they suck away time that could, should be better spent) there’s a couple of free internet games that I can recommend without too much guilt. The first is a java-based game called Turbo Tanks. The early 80’s, black-and-white-line construction belies the addictive fun of this tank battle shoot-‘em-up. And because it’s in java , there’s no downloads and it can be quickly killed should you be playing it at work… so I’m told. The second is Soldat, an online multiplayer, team-based fighting game. You choose the look of your little fighter dude and pick a particular firearm and off you go. It’s kida like one of today’s MMP 1st person shooters presented circa 1985 in 3rd person (if that makes any sense at all, go outdoors, get some fresh air and some friends). Soldat allows users to tweak their playing preferences and even the type of game they want to play (kill em all, capture the flag, etc.). It’s incredibly addictive and is the current bane of my “no video games” policy.

And finally, Miami’s most mackin-est, Kev Rose, turned my attention to the latest music video collaboration between mind-blowing director Chris Cunningham and mind-blowing musician/mad-scientist Richard D. James (aka – Aphex Twin). Be warned, it’s creepy. Try-not-to-wet-your-pants creepy. Watch: Rubber Johnny. (See also: Come To Daddy and Windowlicker.)

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