Tuesday, April 25, 2006

100th Post

Things are falling into place.
I wasn't in Chicago at all. I was back in Florida. In Orlando again.
There was a party. There were friends. I was in and out of consciousness.
I opened the fridge at the party. Out shot a half-full bottle of tequila. It landed on my toes.
I know this. I remember this. My toe's broken and foot blue-black. It happened.
I think I blacked-out after that. I had dreams. Dreams of wild nonsense.
Thankfully I didn't actually dream this:


mrotzie said...

First you go to Florida and come back engaged. Then you go to Florida and come back with a busted foot. What's next - big fake titties?

Bryan Delano III said...

Mon Cherie,
Now you've gone and ruined my big surprise for next month...
I hope you sleep well at night.