Friday, February 10, 2006


So, I decided to play hooky from work today. There were so many little errands and chores that needed doing and, quite frankly, I was confident that the ol’ finance department could let a day go by without the lowest guy on the totem pole and the world would continue to spin. I was right.

The alarm went off at 4:30 as usual, I gently woke Sarah and went back to sleep. Actually it was more of a shove and a caveman-esque, yelp along the lines of, “Hurgaah, sheesha larmm,” followed by a fish-flop to face the other side of the room. After a few weeks of her wickedly early classes, I’ve got good at not letting the alarm get my adrenaline pumping, though it does still wake me up if only for a minute or two. Today was no exception. The dog also quickly fell back asleep after a couple of death-breath yawns and a gummy-eyed look around. The two of us eventually woke at our biologically programmed 8:30. We’ve been in some kinda inter-species synch like that lately. I hope that’s not what the President was referring to when he mentioned human-animal hybrids in the State of the Union speech.

It was an otherwise normal start to the day except when I went to swing my legs out of the bed, my knees smacked into something soft yet unyielding. “Hey!” came the voice from somewhere under our six-blanket bed nest. Sarah had played hooky too.

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