Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Where'd You Move Your Government Cheese To?

So after months of curious waiting, I finally got my George Bush economic stimulus refund check thing last week. Right off the top most of it went to paying off bills. The rest was spread out around several Chicago-area bars and restaurants over the course of a three-day weekend. So much for my free money.

I was curious what other people had done with their money, provided they'd received it yet. So I conducted a super-scientific poll during my weekend on the town. Most people, it turns out, did the exact same thing as I did; spend it on some combination of bills and booze (and maybe a meal or two). Perhaps that's what I get for polling a random assortment of barflies.

Apparently, other people, like adult entertainment market researchers, have concluded different findings. To think, I coulda had a seat on the bang bus and all I got was an awful, awful hangover and the telephone number for a fat girl from Texas.

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