Monday, July 21, 2008

Reason(s) Not To Vote Republican in '08 - Foreign Policy Edition

It's difficult to believe that there's still people willing to let the GOP continue to ruin run the nation after all the damage they've done over the past 7 years. Whether you care about the economy, civil liberties, or being killed in a far away land for reasons no one can really put their finger on, chances are the Republican "leadership" of the Bush administration has probably mangled something you care about. Badly.

And in this election year it seems that despite Bush's abysmal approval rating, his type of low-ball, Rovian politickin' hasn't disappeared. In desperate attempts to keep the Republican brand alive, the waters have become somewhat, uh, muddied as of late.

In an effort to help clarify things, and help you understand why John McSame is a joke, there's this:

Foreign Policy Expert McCain: “Iraq-Pakistan Border” Extremely Dangerous (Hint: there is no Iraq-Pakistan border.)

and this:

McCain Gaffe Watch: Gets another basic Iran fact wrong

aaand this too:

A McCain Gaffe in Jordan

There's plenty more out there and without a doubt, and when you add in little points like the Iraqi Prime Minister practically campaigning for Obama yesterday, and a staggering difference in fundraising among their constituencies, and his general affibility around the globe, I guess we don't really have to guess why McSame and his Rovian minions have to try and build some alternate reality to foist on the American public. It's all they've got.


And speaking of Karl "Turdblossom" Rove... looks like he's fled the country to avoid testifying before congress. Wow. Kinda has an "I am not a crook" feel to it, huh?

Well, as if I haven't leaned on Crooks and Liars hard enough in this post, they go and lay out a doozy on this very topic. Goddamn.

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