Friday, May 30, 2008

"Lost" Finale Roundup

(Yea, once again the pic above was ripped off from the good folks at Shakesville.)

So, I had the great misfortune of having to watch the two-hour blow-out season finale of Lost with a gal who's never seen it... and couldn't help herself from making snarky comments throughout. I guess it beats watching it alone, but not by much. And same goes for my deadbeat Florida Lost contingent. You all fell off, my friends. Fell right off on the biggest night of the season.

I think I'm gonna have to stake out a couple hours this weekend and re-watch it for whatever subtleties I may have missed.

It was, as each season finale has been, an excellent episode. This season's more sci-fi tinged themes were expanded upon and as we've come to expect, entirely new mysteries were laid out for us fans to salivate over all summer long. But there were some answers... or at least some moments of relative congruence, which, in this show, is about the best one can hope for really. My (and after checking the intertubes, apparently everyone's) favorite one of those was seeing Desmond and Penny finally re-unite. I had a goofy goddamn grin from ear to ear for that. Very sweet.

Anyway, has a great rundown of last night's show. And Shakesville has their usual post-show dialog up and Sadly, No! has a message board going as well. But if you really wanna geek it, there's always the super-fan site, The Fuselage.

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