Monday, May 26, 2008

Let's Do The Timewarp... Again

Another set of lyrics as a post. A sorry excuse for blogging, I know. Especially cuz they're aimed at someone who couldn't be bothered to look here anyway. But I'm having a regressive day today. And what better place to regress than back to some good ol' high school angst.

And with that, here's the words to "Gutless" by Jawbreaker:
Swallow your pride.
But take it slow.
You might just choke on it.
And you wouldn't want to do a thing like that.
What's left inside without your words
And fists to hold them up?
Can you look at it without rose colored lenses?
Doesn't speak too well of you.
You crawl to pass their tests.
I would like to help you but
I'm not sure who to address.
There are so many of you.
Used to be just one.
Lost you to the other side
To promises of fun.
Do you define yourself by some remembered set of empty phrases?
Do you question them at all?
Is what you do and what you say just following companions?
Do you do it from fear of not belonging?
I don't condemn you.
I know that we've all got to cling to something
To find our way through this life.
Just look inside and see if your beliefs have any meaning.
Or are they something that you found?

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