Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Phone It In, Bry

Busy at work and still a little hung-over after after a late night with a giant bottle of sake and the task of making cd compilations for our impending Florida vacation (where we don't intend to leave the beach all too often). So this one's all via Cursor:

* News. Corp. puts money where mouth is, and Rep. Henry Waxman writes to Florida Governor Jeb Bush, that "e-mails from Mr. Brown ... provide the first confirmation of your involvement in the award of this contract and the first details of your contacts with Carnival and FEMA.''

* An all-you-can-drink Martinifest -- organized by Clear Channel Radio -- reportedly turned unruly at the Milwaukee Art Museum, as drunken guests "accosted artworks" and climbed onto a sculpture, "grabbing the boobs, and ... taking pictures with a cell phone," according to one witness.

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