Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Abandoned at the Gates

Just as they reach the gates of the palace, Feingold and his censure movement are abandoned by fellow Democrats. (Is it just me or does it almost seem like they’re afraid to kick GWB when he’s down? Jeez, talk about your bleeding heart liberals.) And in a sublime piece of perfect timing, the Daily Show aired a piece last night with Paul Hackett that speaks to that very topic.

Check out some of the excellent commentary about our impotent/inept Democratic party floating around the web today. Molly Ivins is royally pissed. The Existentialist Cowboy ponders their Faustian bargain. Robert Parry checks the rear-view mirror. Maureen Dowd doesn’t know where to turn. Glenn Greenwald hashes it out. Mr. Chuckles makes a prediction. Americablog calls bullshit. Stephen Elliot puts it in perspective while Shayana Kadidal takes it out of legalese. And, finally, David Corn explains their jobs to them.

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