Friday, June 29, 2007

2007 NBA Draft

(Photo grabbed from Blog-a-Bull, who likely grabbed it elsewhere.)

Wow. What a night it was for us Gator fans. 3 from the back-to-back champs went in the first ten picks. Al Horford went to Atlanta with the third overall pick and Corey Brewer went to Minnesota with the seventh. Those of us in Chicago were thrilled to land the colorful Joakim Noah with the ninth pick. And it's not just a thrill for the Gator fans here; Bulls fans have been raving about the pick, elated about his speed, size and heart.

The Bulls still need to make a trade or two to pick up a serious scoring threat (Kobe, anyone?), but even if they jettison a few names, this fall's Bulls will be one of the fastest, tallest teams out there and a true defensive powerhouse.

Round two saw Chris Richard join Corey Brewer in Minnesota and Taurean Green join the number one overall pick from the team the Gators steamrolled to pick up their second national championship, the towering Greg Oden out in Portland.

As for draft coverage Yahoo has a great Winner and Loser run-down and ESPN columnist Bill Simmons offers his predictably excellent and hilarious draft blog.

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