Friday, December 01, 2006

What Darkness Lurks...

Digby over on Hulabaloo points us to several columns by John Marshall of Talking Points Memo covering the quickly growing tendency of right wing loyalists to paint the myriad of Republican failures as, wouldn’t you know, the failures of the American people. They’re out there on the net and in the newspapers and on the cable news suite right now talking up this crap. Scolding average Americans everywhere for being down on the war, down on the Repubs and for wanting change. Typical.

Theirs is a kind of power that’s meant to appeal to the kid in all of us… the locked-in part of our human psyches that will always have a need of a parent figure, a need to be told what’s what, a need to have the world interpreted for us. That we’re all far more capable of figuring it all out for our selves with a little hard work and reflection is meaningless to them and is, indeed, something they hate to see in the populace at large. It's why they shout loud enough and stamp their feet strong enough to drown out the sound of our own conscience talking to us. And should anyone cognizant enough to hear their own voice start speaking, it's why they mock and deride and marginalize.

This is their philosophy of governing… the occluded, perhaps subliminal side of everything they stand for, but never talk about in classrooms or conventions or on TV. This is why the demand from us servitude, compliance and ignorance. It’s also why we see, down so many avenues, their attempts to cover-up, to silence, to censor.

It is why we people like us call them people like them "evil".

In order to gather their power, to wield it and sustain it, they must actively smother what so many of us understand to be mankind’s greatest assets—our spiritual, emotional, intellectual freedoms.

A snip from Digby’s post:

I'm sorry that these starry-eyed neocons who looked at George Bush and saw a genius are disappointed that the rest of the country didn't support their vision. They were given more of a chance to prove themselves than dreamers and fools usually are --- and they failed on a grand scale. This is what the Bushites deserve and what they should expect for ram-rodding through a war without real public support and then screwing it up royally. The families of all these dead and wounded soldiers, unfortunately, didn't deserve this and neither did the poor Iraqis who didn't know they were going to be guinea pigs in a 7th grade neocon thought experiment based on cartoons and psycho-babble.

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