Saturday, October 22, 2005

New Lightning Bolt Album!

The new Lightning Bolt album, Hypermagic Mountain was officially released last week. I got ahold of a, um, promo copy last month and initially had mixed feelings about it. Now, after several listenings it's grown on me a bit. While I still don't think it tops 2003's jaw-dropping, mind-bending, Wonderful Rainbow ("Dracula Mountain" mp3), it's certainly got it's moments.

Trying to describe Lightning Bolt's sound is a chore, but their press release does a good a job as anyone... and probably a good deal funnier:
"All killer-no filler follow-up to 2003's Wonderful Rainbow, Hypermagic Mountain slams into hyperdrive for a full 60-minute ride. The songs are dense and constructed from an intense three week recording session in a psychic sweatbox. The band has blurred differences to any other sound pirates with a primal base and new musical vocabulary fueled by chemistry altering volume and SONGS! Throbbing low end played on a 300-foot long bass and kick drums the size of Exxon supertankers, all stretched into a triumphant war stomp all walks can love. With just bass and drums (a two piece band you see) they have constructed the densest sound imaginable."

Despite my nitpicking, it's still a great album by one of the most original bands in the history of rock and roll (and jazz?). I'll be picking up a copy of the double lp come payday.

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